Valley Neighbours Club

Your Community in the Foothills

Who We Are

The Valley Neighbours Club is a non-profit organization formed to support adults through a wide variety of social, recreational and wellness programs.

Founded in 1973, the Club, in co-operation with the Sheep Creek Arts Council, acquired and renovated its new home at 133 Sunset Boulevard SW
in Diamond Valley, Alberta

What We Do

We operate volunteer-run programs for adults in Diamond Valley and surrounding Alberta Foothills.

These programs allow members to actively participate in and add value to our communities as they share their skills and time. 

What We Offer​

We offer a variety of activities and events including: bridge, euchre, wizard, line dancing, floor curling, exercise class, festive and special events, weekly bingo and field trips. We also provide rental space for you to host your own events.

Find additional arts and crafts programs right next door at the Sheep Creek Arts Council.